Office of Victim Services


Who are We?


The Office of Victim Services (OVS) within the Arizona Department of Corrections strives to ensure that ALL CRIME VICTIMS ARE TREATED WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT throughout an inmate's incarceration and community supervision/parole periods. OVS provides comprehensive services to victims and survivors of crime.

Mission Statement:

The mission of ADC Office of Victim Services is to provide crime victims/survivors compassionate support during the post conviction phase of the criminal justice system with release information, resources and restitution assistance throughout an inmate’s incarceration and supervision. We advocate for a better understanding of crime victims’ rights and other challenges victims face throughout the criminal justice system through education, presentations and dedicated services to the community.


For more specific information relating to your case, please select from the following:

ADC Office of Victim Services

1645 West Jefferson MC250
Phoenix, AZ 85007
1-866-787-7233 | 602-542-1853
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