Death Row Information

Arizona’s Death Row for men is located in the Browning Unit at Arizona State Prison Complex-Eyman and at the Central Unit at Arizona State Prison Complex-Florence, in the town of Florence, Arizona. Female inmates on Death Row are housed at the Lumley Unit at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville, near Goodyear, Arizona. All executions are performed in Central Unit at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Florence in Florence, Arizona.

The Browning Unit, at ASPC-Eyman, has 40 beds dedicated for condemned row use. These beds house the maximum custody death row inmates as well as those close custody inmates who have elevated medical needs. The inmates are in a single man cell but are afforded interactive recreation and program activities.

The Central Unit, at ASPC-Florence, has 97 close custody beds utilized by condemned row. The inmates are housed in a single man cell. All of the close custody condemned row inmates have an opportunity to participate in interactive programs and they receive recreation three times a week on the Central Unit athletic field. Each recreation period is 3 hours and 15 minutes with showers being provided after. Close custody inmates are also offered Dayroom time for 3 hours per day for leisure games and activities. At Central Unit, the inmates eat at the Central Unit Dining Room. They are provided a Mega Sack Meal (contains breakfast and lunch) and a dinner meal.

The Lumley Unit, At ASPC-Perryville, houses the female condemned row inmates in close custody as well. They are offered the same privileges as all other close custody inmates.

All condemned row inmates are afforded visitation, phone calls, recreation, commissary, personal property and privileges, in accordance with their phase or step. Health care is and mental health services are also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many people are on Arizona's Death Row?
    Information on Arizona's Death Row inmates can be viewed on the Current Death Row Inmates page.
  2. What is the race and ethnic make-up of Death Row inmates in Arizona?
    Information on Arizona's Death Row inmates can be viewed on the Current Death Row Inmates page.
  3. What are the dimensions of the cells in which Death Row inmates are confined?
    Each cell at Browning Unit is 11 feet, 7 inches by 7 feet, 9 inches, a total of 86.4 square feet.
    Each cell at the Lumley Unit is 12 feet by 7 feet, 2 inches, a total of 86.4 square feet.
  4. Are the inmates allowed to have contact visits or do they just have non-contact visits?
    Death Row visits are non-contact.
  5. How can Death Row inmate medical records/information be obtained?
    Medical records and information contained in medical records are considered confidential by Arizona State Statute A.R.S. 12-2292.
  6. Is there a library for Death Row inmates?
    Death Row inmates have limited access to general reading materials.
    They may borrow two books for general reading every two weeks.
    They have full access to the courts and unlimited access to legal research materials.
  7. From the time an inmate is sentenced to death to the time the inmate is executed, what is the average length of time that an Arizona inmate remains on Death Row?

    Since 1937, the average Arizona Death Row inmate has spent 12 years on death row.
    Since 1992, the average length of stay for the 34 executed inmates is 17.44 years.