Red Rock Correctional Center

RRCC sign

1750 E. Arica Rd.
Eloy, AZ 85131
United States

Mailing Address

1750 E. Arica Rd.
Eloy, AZ 85131
United States

Bruno Stolc

Warden Bruno Stolc

To contact the Warden’s office, please email [email protected].

Associate Deputy Warden
Greg Fizer
[email protected]

Associate Deputy Warden
Jason Snow
[email protected]


Red Rock Correctional Center is a medium-custody private prison in Eloy, under contract with the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry since January 2014, and now provides custody for up to 2,000 adult male inmates. The facility opened in 2006, and is operated and managed by CoreCivic, Inc.




  • Functional literacy; GED; Self Study
  • Worked based education - horticulture; carpentry; computer tech basic; construction-electrical; vocational skills

Treatment & Self-Improvement Programs

  • RDAP (substance abuse - intensive/moderate treatment)
  • Persevere
  • Victim Impact
  • Cognitive / Think for a Change
  • Work Incentive Pay Program
  • Re-Entry
  • ICVC - Impact Crime
  • Faith Based Religious Services
  • Mental Health group classes