Note: During the change of systems for the Department of Corrections, you may experience a delay in processing your application. We appreciate your patience during this transitional period.


Online Application

  • Potential visitors and those persons only receiving calls from inmates may submit their application electronically. Once the application is completed and submitted:
    • Do not submit an application while the inmate is in the intake process at Alhambra or the intake process at Perryville.
    • Applicable fee must be paid with 30 days. 
    • Failure to pay within 30 days will lead to automatic denial of application.
    • If an application is denied you must wait 180 days to re-apply


Online Application


Note: It is critical that all information fields are completed prior to submitting the form. By completing and submitting this form, you are attesting to the truthfulness and accuracy of the information. Criminal background checks are conducted on all persons applying for visitation or phone call privileges.


All adult visitors applying must pay a onetime, non-refundable, $25.00 background check fee in accordance with Department Order 911. Those persons wishing to accept phone calls from inmates and will not be visiting in-person must apply for phone privileges utilizing the regular application process. Please refer to the "Need Help" link or Department Order 911 for a complete list of those persons that are exempt from the background check fee when applying for visitation.

Properly completed visitation applications shall be processed and approved or denied within 60 days on receipt of the application and verified payment, if applicable.

Once a decision has been made, the inmate will be informed of the outcome. It is the inmate's responsibility to inform the potential visitor of their visitation status.

It is recommended all visitors read Department Order 911.


Methods of Payment

If you wish to make your payment electronically please proceed to one of the following payment options.

Payment Options: