Financial Services

If you wish to contact Financial Services, please phone 602-469-6662.

Financial Services acts as monitor and enforcer of state, federal and departmental laws, policies and regulations pertaining to financial activity, as well as technical support to all areas of ADCRR by establishing proper financial procedures. Additionally, Financial Services provides a variety of mandatory, periodic and ad hoc financial and performance measure reports to federal agencies, Governor's office, State legislature, and to all levels of management at ADCRR.  It also works closely with the Department of Administration's General Accounting Office, the State Procurement Office and the Surplus Property Management Office.


Budget Development & Execution

Budget Development & Execution is responsible for the Department's budget execution, budget development and position control. It also serves as the liaison to the Governor's Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting (GOSPB), Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), the legislature and other public and private entities in regard to these issues. The staff analyze and allocate annual appropriations to comply with Legislative intent, work with groups and divisions to analyze and project funding requirements, and prepare monthly financial status reports.


Grants Management

Grants Management is responsible for the coordination of the Department's grant program in identifying the availability of funding opportunities, assembling the appropriate data, assisting with the development of proposals in the pre-award phase, and monitoring grant awards in the post-award phase. It also acts as the liaison between the Department and governmental granting agencies.



Accounting processes financial transactions such as payments to vendors, payments to employees for travel, deposits, expenditure transfers, and budget transfers. It also provides financial statements and management reports, as well as accounting and AFIS system support to field staff.



Payroll tracks time and attendance, accounts for leave balances, and provides payroll information to employees, timekeepers, and the Department's Personnel Services Unit.


Fixed Assets - Inventory

Inventory Control oversees the control and accountability of ADCRR owned equipment and capital property from acquisition through disposal.


Trust Fund Accounting Section

The Trust Fund Accounting Section is responsible for the monitoring and reconciling of the individual inmate trust accounts. It also accounts for and distributes monies collected from inmates for state filing fees, federal filing fees, and court ordered restitution payments. Inmate Trust Fund Accounting also processes and deposits all of the checks received for inmates.  It also provides support to field staff and system support for the Trust Fund Accounting system.