Phoenix West

Phoenix West sign

3402 W. Cocopah St.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
United States

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 18640
Phoenix, AZ 85005-8640
United States

Blanca Ochoa

Warden Blanca Ochoa

To contact the Warden’s office, please email [email protected].

Deputy Warden
Mary Coonrod
[email protected]


Phoenix West is a minimum custody ADCRR facility operated by The GEO Group, Inc. whose primary focus is the reduction of recidivism.

  • A 200-Bed Second Chance Center where inmates serving the last 8-9 weeks of their sentence participate in a variety of programs designed to prepare them for reentry into society. The Second Chance Center is a partnership between the ADCRR, the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES), and the GEO Group, Inc. DES instructors, Inmate Peer Facilitators and ADCRR COIIIs provide classes in the following areas:
    • Job readiness- resume’s applications, etc.
    • Parenting
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Self-Control
    • Substance use
    • Family Ties
    • Microsoft Skills
    • Money Management
    • Securing Housing
    • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
    • Job Skills
      • Community Kitchen
      • HVAC
      • CDL Preparation
      • Computer Coding
      • Graphic Design
  • A 200-Bed unit focusing on:
    • Jobs that provide the opportunity to work offsite with private and government partners to learn and hone work skills, and 
    • Programs geared toward self-improvement
  • The GEO Continuum of Care Program pairs inmates with Transitional Case Managers in their last 2-12 months of incarceration to assist them in setting goals for their future in society. Prior to release, they are introduced to a Post Release Case Manager (in GEOs Corporate Headquarters) who then works with the inmate for up to one year after release. Services provided include mental health/substance use counseling, housing assistance, transportation assistance, job search resources, and financial assistance for clothing and tools.



Work Crews

  • Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI)
    • Private Partners:
      • Erickson Companies – Inmates construct building trusses to provide complete framing solutions for residential and multi-family home builders.
      • Paul Johnson Drywall – Inmates perform drywall services in apartments, schools, etc. as employees of one of the largest and most respected specialty contractors in Arizona and throughout the Southwest.
    • Installation Crew:
      • Under the supervision of ACI employees:
        • Inmates install office furniture (desks, cabinets, etc.) for state agencies and private businesses throughout the state of Arizona.
        • Inmates build and install structures (ramadas, etc.) in parks and common areas.
  • Intergovernmental Agreements
    • Arizona Department of Administration - Inmates perform landscaping and janitorial services for a variety of Arizona government agencies
    • Department of Public Safety – Inmates provide janitorial, landscaping and automotive maintenance services


  • Provide instruction and testing in Adult Basic Education (8th grade level)
  • Provide high school diploma equivalency (GED/Pearson Vue) instruction and testing, at no cost to the inmate
  • Coordinate enrollment and assist inmates in the distance learning environment at Rio Salado Community College

Treatment & Self-Improvement Programs

  • Substance Use Disorder Moderate Treatment Program – 6-month Hazelden Living in Balance (EBT) curriculum
  • Driving Under the Influence Treatment and Education Program -36-hour basic curriculum
  • Changing Offender Behavior – 20 session Change Companies curriculum
  • Courage to Change -Change Companies – Variety of subjects
  • Reentry (Merging Two Worlds) – 20-hour curriculum
  • T. Gorski Relapse Prevention (for inmates with positive Urinalysis tests)