Department Policies to study for the written exam - Community Correctional Officer

The following study materials apply to all Community Correctional Officers (Parole Officer/Senior/Supervisor)

Department Orders:

  • 105 Information Reporting
  • 501 Employee Professionalism, Ethics and Conduct
  • 503 Employee Grooming and Dress
  • 519 Employee Health - State/Federal Programs and Assignments
  • 521 Employee Assistance Program
  • 525 Employee Attendance
  • 1001 Inmate Release System
  • 1002 Inmate Release Eligibility System
  • 1004 Inmate Transfer System
  • 1006 Reentry Center

See the links and information found on the following page:
Additional Materials to Study for the Community Corrections Oral Boards

In order to access the Community Corrections Tech Manual 1003-T-CC, you will need to navigate within the ADCNet local intranet as follows:

  • From the "Resources" section of the left navigation, choose the "Central Promotional Register" menu item
  • In the center of the page, click the link titled "Department Policies to Study for the Written Exam"
  • On the resulting page of department policies to study for the written exam, look for "Additional Study Items" below any Community Correctional Officer position