Staff Ombudsman


Staff Ombudsman, Lynne Hilliard

Lynne Hilliard
Staff Ombudsman

What does an Ombudsman do?

  • Serves as a no-barrier, first stop for staff seeking guidance, information, and insight from an impartial, confidential and informal resource.
  • Provides a safe, off-the-record opportunity to address matters of concern and navigate work environments.
  • Helps to support civility and fairness, staff empowerment, and employee engagement.

The approach is informal and flexible in nature to help facilitate conversation and maintain a relaxed atmosphere and comfort level.

The staff ombudsman does not advocate or take sides, participate in any formal investigations, make management decisions, or substitute for formal channels.

Benefits of an Ombudsman Office

Alternative Approach to Conflict Resolution

The Ombudsman Office offers a safe place for ADCRR staff to discuss concerns and understand their options. Visiting the staff ombudsman does not trigger a formal investigation.

Serves as a centralized resource to help explain applicable policies, processes, and available resources within the department.

Personal Empowerment

Empowered employees take personal responsibility for creating a healthier workplace by working through issues, discovering a better understanding, or finding new perspective.