January 7, 2022

(Phoenix) — The Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Reentry (ADCRR) is offering booster shots to inmates who have been fully immunized.  The booster shot will help improve immunity against COVID-19, including new variants.   The boosters are currently being rolled out across all ten state prison complexes as well as ADCRR’s six private contract facilities.  Booster shots have additionally been offered onsite at each state prison facility to ADCRR officers and professional staff who have been fully immunized.    

ADCRR continues to mandate face coverings for inmates in indoor settings when outside of their housing unit.  Ongoing COVID-19 protocols also remain in place for both staff and inmates.  Inmates who have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine are being encouraged to do so, but the vaccine remains voluntary. 

“We remain grateful to Governor Doug Ducey and our partners at the Arizona Department of Health Services, for their ongoing commitment in providing COVID-19 resources for our staff and those in our custody,” said ADCRR Director, David Shinn. “The COVID-19 booster shots, particularly amid the latest variant, will go a long way in helping our outstanding correctional officers and professional staff, as we continue our work to mitigate COVID-19 within our congregate correctional setting.”

The Department continues COVID-19 testing for inmates across its state and private prison facilities, as well as at the Department’s intake centers.

COVID-19 data is updated on ADCRR’s dashboard at: Please note the data on the dashboard is cumulative back to February 2020.  For the latest regarding ADCRR’s COVID-19 management strategy, please visit: