May 27, 2022

PHOENIX—The Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Reentry today announced the selection of a new health care provider for the state’s 34,000 inmates.

NaphCare, based in Birmingham, Alabama, was chosen as the Department’s new health care provider after a six-month competitive evaluation process.

NaphCare was the successful bidder based on their ability to provide comprehensive services in the delivery of correctional health care with a strong commitment to continuously improving the quality of care while also providing the greatest value to Arizona taxpayers.

The company was founded in 1989 and has provided health care services to the Pima County Sheriff’s Office since August 2021. NaphCare currently provides health care services and innovative technology solutions to local, state and federal clients in 32 states.

Once the contract with ADCRR is finalized in the coming weeks, NaphCare will provide physician and nursing services, as well as mental health and psychiatric care, to inmates in state custody at 10 Arizona State Prison Complexes.

Upon its selection of ADCRR’s new healthcare partner, Director David Shinn made the following statement:

“In considering our selection of a new healthcare partner, providing maximum savings to the Arizona taxpayer and providing the highest-quality care for the inmates in our custody were top priorities. We believe NaphCare was the best-possible choice in these areas,” said Shinn. “This new partnership will bolster our ability to continue our mission of providing excellent health care to the men and women who are in our care and custody.”

NaphCare replaces ADCRR’s previous health care provider, Centurion. Commenting on ADCRR’s outgoing health care provider, Shinn said, “Centurion helped ADCRR navigate the uncharted waters of a national pandemic with a greater than 99 percent COVID-19 recovery rate in some of the most difficult congregate care settings. We are committed to working with Centurion and NaphCare on a seamless transition.” 

Brad McLane, CEO of NaphCare made the following statement about the company’s upcoming partnership with ADCRR:

“We are honored to be selected by the ADCRR to provide evidence-based healthcare and innovative technology solutions within the Arizona State Prison Complexes,” said McLane. “We look forward to a collaborative partnership aimed at improving patient outcomes and preparing residents for a safe and healthy return to the community.”

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