Additional Material for Community Corrections Officer Oral Boards

Community Corrections recommends potential candidates research and become familiar with and participate in the following activities and topics:

  1. Participate in employee engagement activities with community corrections staff to become familiar with duties and responsibilities of Community Corrections
  2. Research and knowledge of Evidenced-Based Principles and Practices in a Community Corrections Environment
  3. Principles of Reentry in a Corrections and Community Corrections environment
  4. General knowledge of different types of communication strategies to include, Active Listening, Verbal De-escalation, and Motivational Interviewing skills
  5. General knowledge of Trauma Informed Care and its effect on offender populations
  6. General knowledge of Behavioral Health Issues and its effect on the offender population
  7. General knowledge of Addiction Treatment strategies and their effect on offender populations
  8. General knowledge of principles of risk assessments, case management and planning strategies in a Community Corrections environment
  9. General knowledge of the Arizona Management System and LEAN management concepts


Suggested websites: