Arizona Correctional Industries

Mario Diaz, CEO of Arizona Correctional Industries

Mario Diaz

To contact Arizona Correctional Industries, please call (602) 272-7600.

Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI) was created by the Arizona Legislature in 1969, operating under the acronym "ARCOR" (Arizona Correctional) until 1987, and received appropriated funds to support its operations. Today, ACI is a vibrant self-funded business within the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry (ADCRR).

ACI creates innovative solutions and products for customers while helping thousands of inmates. Working in safe, positive work and learning environments, inmates gain skills that will help them secure employment upon their release — many in highly skilled trades. The compensation inmates earn can go toward savings for their release, family/child support and restitution funds.

There are similar correctional industries in most states, many counties, and at the federal level. ACI is a proud member of the National Correctional Industries Association. To learn more about ACI, please visit


To create opportunities for offenders to develop marketable skills and good work habits through enterprises that produce quality products and services for our customers while achieving our revenue, profit and inmate work increase objectives.

Organizational Overview

Structured along the lines of a traditional private enterprise, ACI and related activities comprise five units. They are as follows: 

Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides support for all administrative functions including all matters related to planning, personnel, legal affairs, and public information.

Business Development

ACI Business Development has Primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of Prison Industry/Private Sector or Governmental Partnerships. These ACI Partnerships provide for the use of inmate labor in the manufacture of goods and/or production of services. ACI Business Development also administers and manages the Partnership Programs by developing contracts and monitoring compliance with strict laws, rules, and regulations.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting is assigned specific responsibility for ACI's financial and support functions, including: accounting, information technology, purchasing, materials management, and cost and inventory control.

Sales/Marketing/Customer Service

Marketing, Sales and Customer Service has responsibility for the overall activities associated with generating business and providing customer service. It operates with a staff of six sales representatives and a customer service unit.


Manufacturing Operations is divided into three geographic regions. Each Region Operations Manager is responsible for all ACI manufacturing and production facilities and activities located within their region. The Operations  Administrator and Region Operations Managers work closely and in full partnership with Prison administrators and their institutional staff located throughout the state.