Westside City

Necessities of the W/S Family

(These are a few things that we know most of the homeboys do without it being said, but as we have stated I the beginning, we would like to support our homeboys in any and every situation, as you'll see by reading what we have asked of everyone.) 

  1. Employment: We deem it necessary for everyone to have some type of job, so that you can look out for yourself and a homeboy that may need something.

  2. Education: We would ask that everyone at least try to obtain a GED while sitting in here doing this time.

  3. Yard Stores: Try and have at least one homeboy running a store, this is so that the homies will have something to fall back on, but of course, everyone has to contribute to the starting of it.

  4. Hygiene Excess: At least one person should have an excess of hygiene items for the homeboys just hitting the yard that may be in need of something, again, this is with everyone contributing.

  5. One for every homeboy and every homeboy for that one: The W" is 1st priority in every situation.

  6. Absolutely no arguing amongst homies: Disagreeing is not arguing.

  7. All problems are to be discussed with the homies prior to any action.

  8. Keep copies of this paper for the homeboys on other yards. 

  9. Keep the homies hook-ups for communication purposes, whether they are going to the house or another yard.

  10. Respect everyone as they respect you.

  11. UCG's and Crips are our closest allies, keep good ties with them unless a situation says different.

Like we said, these are some things that we feel needed to be said, whether you all do them already or not. We just ask that everyone be optimistic about this whole thing and give your individual support so that we can bring about some structure and unit within our set. There is no dictation from anyone in this, G's and L'il Locs still hold there same rank. Much Love, 

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