Warrior Society


The majority of the Native American inmates coming into the prison system join the Native American Brotherhood. The N.A.B. is a group which unites the Native Americans inside the prison system to ensure the religious practices and ceremonial beliefs can be met. Within the N.A.B. are the younger, stronger and more aggressive inmates. These inmates could be considered the "elite" N.A.B., the Warrior Society. The purpose of the organization of the Warrior Society was for protection from other inmates and STG's in the units. Before the Warrior Society existed, the Native Americans, because they were minority, were often victimized by other inmates. 


  1. (Directly from hand written document)

  2. All members must be Native American

  3. All members must be loyal to the people - unto death

  4. All members have to put in at least 2-4 years martial arts (full contact) training.

  5. All members must walk the Red Road

  6. No Drinking/partying except on own time

  7. No member is to marry a non-Native American

  8. No members are to help out any Native American Bro'/Sis' who's in trouble whether they're in the right or wrong.

  9. Once a member, always a member.

  10. Jeopardizing organization or the people is punishable by death

  11. All Warriors are to be trained in traditional & Modern war-fare techniques.

  12. All Warriors are to be highly trained with the use of traditional and modern weaponry.

  13. In times of personal stress - all members are to go to elders or medicine people for council without giving organization away.

  14. Organization is to keep weaponry storage area.

  15. No member is to use weapons in any thing but self-defense or defense of one of the people.

  16. All members are to be fully trained in tracking, survival, etc.

  17. Separate storage area will be kept for sacred items.

  18. All members will enter sacred sweat lodge at least three (3) times a week.

  19. All members are to keep them selves in peak physical condition.

  20. Bank account is to be kept for organization's funds.

  21. Only members of council are to have access to organization funds.

  22. There will be an organization council made up of all dedicated wise-members.

  23. When violence is in danger of happening - council are the ones who have final say.

  24. All members will help & stand by each other whether in right or wrong.

  25. All members will make monthly contributions to organization funds.

  26. Yearly Donations will be made to chosen Native American organizations.

  27. All members will be fluent in a few different Native American tongues.

  28. All members will learn traditional sign language.

  29. All members will be given names to use when on organization business.

Warrior Society Art & Tattoos 

Warrior Society tattooWarrior Society front tattooWarrior Society Native tattooWarrior Society WS tattoo