Surenos By-Laws

(Directly from hand written document)
A life without vows is like a ship without an anchor, or a house that is built on sand instead of solid rock. A vow gives us stability, balance and firmness to our character. It is our duty to practice these three commitments.

  1. Absolute Loyalty to our Sur Califas
    We support only the Califas patch, we respect the Sur and our Varrios. We have no interests in Arizona or any other states.

  2. Strength, Unity and Respect
    Don't break weak minded, never tell our business to outsiders. Always have your Homies back. Show love and respect to all Southern Brothers whenever you may meet.

  3. Reputation
    Never smudge the reputation of the Sur, or a good Homie (s). Protect your reputation with honor.

  4. All decisions must be reached by the committee.

NOTE: The above rules/Bylaws are retyped from an original document confiscated from an inmate during a cell search. 

Surenos Art & Tattoos 

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