Security Operations

Edwin Lao, Administrator

  1. Service Dog Unit: managed by the Service Dog Administrator and supervised by a Correctional Lieutenant specializing in service dog programs. The unit consists of 43 dual purpose service dogs and their Correctional Officer Service Dog Handlers. There are 25 trailing hounds in the unit that are trained to track humans in the event of an escape or call for assistance in the event of a missing person or manhunt for a fugitive from law enforcement.
  2. Interstate Corrections Compact Program: managed by the Special Services section of Security Operations. This section is responsible for case management and interstate transportation of inmates and offenders housed in Arizona Prisons from other states and for those inmates from Arizona who are housed in other states.
  3. Special Operations and Tactics Units: consist of Tactical Support Units, Escape Response (chase) Teams and Crisis Negotiations Teams.
  4. Technology transfer and review committee: manages the agency and is a representative on the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center's Western Region Advisory Council.
  5. Projects and Research: team is responsible for providing confidential, executive level support and technical assistance to the Project and Support Administrator in researching and responding to a variety of issues.  They facilitate project teams, conducting research and preparing position papers, comprehensive reports and publications as assigned.  They research and prepare position papers and comprehensive reports and publications which filter through Administrators, the Division Director, Deputy Director, Director and Governor.  They gather statistical data from across the United States, ensuring the cohesiveness throughout the corrections profession.