Director's Instructions List

DI 212 Security Respirator Procedures
DI 219 Non-Violent Offenders-Transition Program Release
DI 246 Out-of-State Travel Approval Requirements
DI 273 Community Corrections Officers as Mandated Reporters
DI 274 Travel Reimbursement
DI 275 TR/CSBD and Half Deport Criminal Alien Release
DI 280 Special Ceremonies Unit
DI 286 Modification of Department Order 524, Employee Assignments and Staffing
DI 288 Release to Probation - Senate Bill 1053
DI 299 Modification of Department Order 602, Section 602.09
DI 306 Work Schedules for Correctional Officer IVs and Captains
DI 308 Arizona State Employee Driver Record Application (ASEDRA)
DI 309 Modification of Discharge Procedures
DI 310 Modification of Department Order 505, Employee Benefits
DI 313 U.S. District Court – AZ District General Order #14-17 – Electronic Submission of Prisoner Documents Pilot Project – ASPC-Eyman Complex and ASPC-Lewis Only
DI 315 Preliminary Background Check for Contractors
DI 319 Securepak
DI 322 Instruction # 322 , Modification to DO 301, Fiscal Management DO 905, Inmate Trust Account/Money System and DO 914, Inmate Mail - REVISED
DI 326 Maximum Custody Population Management
DI 327 Staff Safety
DI 328 Close Management and Violence Reduction Strategy
DI 333 Modification of Department Order 902, Inmate Legal Access to the Courts
DI 339 Absolute Discharge Procedures
DI 343 Medical Marijuana Program (Offenders)
DI 345 Integrated Housing Process and Procedures
DI 346 Department Reorganization and Lines of Authority
DI 349 12-Hour Shift Implementation
DI 350 Employee Suspensions, Involuntary Demotions and Dismissals
DI 351 Operation of Inmate Transportation Vehicles
DI 352 Arizona Management System (AMS)