Using Inmate Datasearch

ADC's Inmate Datasearch is a web-based searchable database of information relating to inmates who were in the custody of ADC in 1985 and those arriving thereafter. It contains over 112,000 inmate records including approximately 26,000 records of active inmates.  Datasearch information is currently being recompiled weekly.

To use the database - navigate through the ADC Website at to the Inmate Datasearch feature, or go directly to which is the introductory search page.

The search page contains a menu that assist you with locating and displaying only inmate information. Items on the menu are as follows:

ADC Home - Takes you to the Home Page

Death Row List - Displays records of all inmates currently on Death Row at ADC.

Inmate Data Search - Takes you to the Inmate Datasearch index page.

Note: The search features contain several boxes to use in locating an inmate record. If you turn off JavaScript or do not use the mouse, the page is constructed to function by using your tab key to move through the boxes. When you have completed the fields, use your enter key for the GO buttons to submit your request.


Search by ADC Number:
If the 6-digit ADC number of a specific inmate is known, enter it in the left form field and select GO.  Searching by ADC number results in the record requested.  Information will be displayed on the page for review.

Search by Inmate Last Name:
Alternatively, if the ADC number is unknown, enter the last name of the inmate and first initial if known in the remaining form fields. Also, by selecting MALE or FEMALE and ACTIVE or INACTIVE will narrow the search and speed up results. Note that the default setting are to search both Male and Female and also for Active and Inactive inmates. (Searching by ADC# will override these default settings and result in the entire database being searched). Select GO to activate the search.

Note: INACTIVE status may return information on inmates that are subject to Community Supervision.

Searching by Last Name results in a list of inmates whose names closely match the entered criteria.  The screen will display a total count of records found in alphabetical order.  Scroll down to find the specific inmate record you are looking for.  Select the inmate number and the record will display on the screen.


From the INMATE RECORD screen, the information below available is provided under the following  categories:

  • Basic Inmate Data
  • Commitment Information
  • Sentence Information
  • Profile Classification  
  • Infractions
  • Parole Action
  • Parole Placement
  • Work Program
  • Detainer / Warrant Information
  • Aliases

Note: Each section is limited to display only 15 entries. If more are available, select the, "Change Top 15 Display Limit" link to view additional information.

On the Datasearch right menu, there is also a link to a Glossary of Terms used in the Inmate Datasearch.

Inmates admitted and released during the period 1972 - 1985 may not be represented on this website. For information relating to these inmates, please contact  ADC.

Data relating to inmate admissions for the 100 years up to 1972 can be found in ADC's Historical Register. This register contains 30,338 records in alphabetical order.

Note: Some ADC inmates have recently been victims of identity theft and fraud. In order to protect all ADC inmates from further victimization, ADC has removed their dates of birth from its public website.