Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness ensures the Department has viable emergency operations plans (EOP) and continuity of operations plans (COOP) in place for each correctional complex as well as for each ADCRR office building. The Department recognizes the vital role it has in providing for the safety of the citizens it serves as well as its employees and the incarcerated individuals reprimanded to its care. The purpose of these plans is to enhance our ability to mitigate losses, respond quickly, and resume normal business when a disruption occurs - whether technological, natural or human-caused. Annual exercises tests the Agency's emergency response capabilities and ensure all staff are proficient in procedures and practices.

Radio Services Unit is managed by an administrator who specializes in radio communications. The unit is staffed with 3 radio service technicians, a communications engineer and a clerk typist. This unit is responsible for maintaining all radio communications systems across the state. This includes service and repair of over 3000 handheld radios, land based radio consoles and radio repeaters at all locations. The unit is the agency liaison to the Arizona Interoperable Radio System and the Arizona Public Safety Communications Commission. 

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