ADC Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions regarding SB 1310.

Please refer to our SB 1310 Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

Where can I get a list of prisons?

A list of prisons can be viewed at Arizona State Prison Complexes.

How can I get information on the release of a specific inmate?

Public information regarding offenders, such as sentence length, type of conviction and current complex information can be obtained from our Inmate Datasearch. For more specific release date information, please contact the Time Computation Unit at 602-542-1870.

Is there a basic information guideline for family and friends of inmates?

The Inmate Family and Friends Liaison of ADC offers a standard process for receiving, reviewing and responding to complaints from the public concerning inmate related issues in Information Guidebook for Family and Friends of Inmates.

What are the procedures to visiting an inmate?

Procedures can be viewed at Inmate Visitation, Department Order 911.

Where can I find information regarding sex offenders?

Information regarding sex offenders can be viewed at Sex Offender Information.

Where can I get a list of inmates on Death Row?

A list of Death Row inmates can be viewed by going to the Death Row Index page.

Where can I get information on the Death Penalty in the State of Arizona?

Some information is available online. A small packet of information is available from the ADC Public Access Office by mail. The book "Profiles of Arizona's Death Row Inmates" is available from the Arizona Attorney General's Office, 1275 West Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85007 (Tel 602-542-4686).

Where can I obtain a history of executions in Arizona?

You can view this information on the Death Penalty History page.

Where can I obtain information on executed inmate Last Meal Requests?

View the Last Meal Requests web page.

How many women are on ADC's Death Row?

You can view the current Death Row statistics on the Death Row Index page.

What is the Department's annual budget?

For budget information view ADC Reports and Statistics Information.

Where are female offenders housed?

Arizona State Prison Complex Perryville (ASPC - Perryville), Goodyear.

What are the levels of security in Arizona's prison system?

The levels of security in the prison system are minimum, medium, close, and maximum custody. See Classification Manual, page 7.

How much does it cost to keep an offender in prison?

In FY 2007-08, the average cost-per-day to house an ADC inmate is $61.74.

How do I send mail and other items to an inmate?
What is the difference between Jail and Prison?

Jails in Arizona are county entities, while prisons are run by the state. Please refer to your local county Sheriff or Law Enforcement website for information on the county jails.

I am a reporter and I want to interview an inmate...

Arizona Department of Correction's policy is to allow telephone interviews only. Inmate interview requests can be requested by contacting the Arizona Department of Correction's ADC Media Relations Office.

Do inmates work?

Please check the prison complexes page to view which work programs are offered.

Do inmates receive education classes?

Please check the prison complexes page to view which education programs are offered.

Do inmates get paid?

Please refer to Inmate Work Activities, Department Order 903 for more information.

How much does it cost to feed an inmate?

As of 01/31/2008 the average cost per meal is $1.28.

What meal services are provided to inmates?

View the Arizona Department of Corrections Food Services System Policy, Department Order 912.

Do inmates have access to health care?

For information regarding inmate access to healthcare please view Inmate Health Care, Department Order 1101.

What is Interstate Compact?

The Interstate Compact section is responsible for case management and interstate transportation of inmates and offenders housed in Arizona Prisons from other states and for those inmates from Arizona who are housed in other states.

How can I become involved as a religious volunteer to inmates?
What items are authorized religious items for inmates?

For authorized religious items, view Offender Religious Property.

Do inmates have telephone access?

Please view the policy regarding inmate telephone usage at Inmate Telephone Access, Department Order 915.

What is the Department's policy on inmate marriages?
As a victim of a crime, is there any information available from the Department of Corrections?

For Victim Services information please view Office of Victims Services.

What are the guidelines in inmate custody classification?

The system shall ensure that all Inmates are classified to the appropriate custody levels, programs and job assignments, ensuring safety for the public, staff and inmates. Please view guidelines at Classification.

What are the different types of releases and special release provisions?

Procedures and guidelines by which all inmates committed to the Arizona Department of Corrections are released can be viewed within Inmate Release System, Department Order 1001. The varied types of release types can be viewed at Release Types.