Institutional Chaplains

Qualified chaplains coordinate religious services within all Department of Corrections institutions. The role of the correctional chaplain is to:

  • Coordinate all religious programming in their assigned unit(s)
  • Manage volunteer involvement in religious programming
  • Conduct religious services and meet with inmates for counseling
  • Respond to inmate requests for a variety of accommodations
  • Schedule pastoral visits and counseling upon inmate’s request
  • Emergency notification of serious illness/death

Arizona State Prison Complex-Douglas
Douglas, Arizona
Senior Chaplain Timothy Poetter (520) 364-7521 ext. 34360

Arizona State Prison Complex-Eyman
Florence, Arizona
Senior Chaplain Adam Henry (520) 868-0201 ext. 2202/2204

Arizona State Prison Complex-Florence
Florence, Arizona
Senior Chaplain James Miser (520) 868-4011 ext. 5129

Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis
Buckeye, Arizona
Senior Chaplain William Thomas (623) 386-6160 ext. 4904

Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville
Goodyear, Arizona
Senior Chaplain B.J. Harris (623) 853-0304 ext. 24017

Arizona State Prison Complex-Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Senior Chaplain Delbert Henderson (602) 685-3100 ext. 2012

Arizona State Prison Complex-Safford
Safford, Arizona
Senior Chaplain Jeff Lind (928) 428-4698 ext. 2520

Arizona State Prison Complex-Tucson
Tucson, Arizona
Senior Chaplain Miguel Ramos (520) 574-0024 ext. 36039

Arizona State Prison Complex-Winslow
Winslow, Arizona
Senior Chaplain Joel Yuen (928)337-4845 ext. 4410

Arizona State Prison Complex-Yuma
Yuma, Arizona
Senior Chaplain M.R. Kidwell (928) 627-8871 ext. 16070