Frequently Asked Questions

Q. May I send a send a bible or other book to an inmate?

A. Books (religious or otherwise) must be sent in accordance with Inmate Mail, Department Order 914, which includes receipt directly from the publisher or an authorized distributor. Individuals and organizations that are not publishers or authorized distributors may not send books to inmates.

Q. If I can't send a bible, and cannot afford to purchase one new, how will my incarcerated family member get a Bible or other sacred writing?

A. Many organizations donate Bibles to the ADCRR, which are available for loan to any inmate. In addition, sacred writing and religious literature for other religions is available in limited quantities as donations are received.

Q. How do I become a religious volunteer?

A. Contact the Senior Chaplain of the prison at which you wish to volunteer. That person will be able to inform you on current needs and availability, as well as outline the process.

Q. Can an inmate request a visit by a specific religious leader?

A. The ADCRR encourages religious visitation between inmates and their religious leaders. An inmate should provide their chaplain the name of the religious leader they wish to have visit along with information on how to make contact. Religious leaders wishing to visit an inmate should contact the chaplain of the facility where the inmate is housed for information and scheduling (see Department Order 904 for more information).

Q. How do I contact the inmate if there is a family emergency, such as a serious illness, injury, or death?

A. If a family emergency requires notifying an inmate, contact the chaplain during normal business hours or the shift supervisor after hours. Be prepared to provide specific information that will assist with verifying the emergency prior to notifying the inmate (e.g. name, relationship, law enforcement agency or hospital). Inmates are generally provided an opportunity to call their family after verification of the emergency.

Q. Will I be allowed to volunteer for prison ministry if I have an incarcerated family member?

A. Yes. Volunteer applicants are not excluded if they have incarcerated family members, but would not be assigned to provide services where their family member is housed.