Program Systems

Welcome to Program Systems -

 Program Systems allows for totally centralized management of Reentry resources, to be sure that each ASPC facility and inmate has access to the tools, training, and study materials that will help them move past prison and into a normal, productive role in society.

Key Section Issue Areas:

  1. Corrections Plans
  2. Case Management (prison)
  3. Self-Improvement Programs – mandatory programs (Re-Entry and Cognitive Restructuring) and other self-improvement programs.
    1. Cognitive Behavior to Major Program Status - An ADC Strategic Plan Initiative
    2. Self-Improvement Scorecard
  4. Re-Entry Resources
  5. Transition Release eligibility (SB 1211)
  6. Earned Incentives Program
  7. Program Capacity
  8. Work and Program Assignments
  9. WIPP Inmate Pay
  10. Inmate Housing Assignments Screening
  11. Second Chance Centers