Planning, Information & Research

James O'Neil

James O’Neil
Assistant Director


If you wish to contact Planning, Information & Research, please phone 602-542-8914.

ADCRR’s Office of Planning, Information and Research supports strategic planning, data and research, Information Technology (IT), media relations and communications, and continuous improvement for the Department.

This Office is spearheading ADCRR’s redevelopment of modern, public-facing data and information reporting; supporting organizational development with data-driven decision making and process improvements; the utilization of performance metrics for departmental analysis and action to improve operational safety and efficiency. In addition, the Office oversees research to further correctional knowledge and inform best practices while also providing secure, dependable IT services and technology in support of ADCRR’s mission.


Media Relations and Communications 

Media Relations and Communications represents ADCRR in responding to media inquiries and producing a variety of materials involving internal and external communications. Key responsibilities include: preparing and distributing press statements and other resources for the media, organizing press conferences, responding to media queries, and credentialing media for coverage; as well as overseeing the Department's social media platforms, and managing video production. ADCRR Media Relations and Communications also works to highlight the Department's many programs for incarcerated individuals, along with its vocational partnerships. To view our most recent press releases click here. To view our latest videos, click here


Information Technology

The Chief Information Officer over the Information Technology Bureau oversees internal agency support and maintenance of areas such as desktop (hardware), network (infrastructure), application development (software), website, SQL reporting, service desk, and IT project management.

Information Technology (IT) is the Agency’s central service enterprise technology provider serving over 10 geographic regions and five Divisions. The Bureau also serves as the liaison to the Department of Administration – Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET), the legislature and other public, private entities and law enforcement entities. IT's responsibilities include:

  • Infrastructure Systems and Services
  • Project Management
  • Network Services
  • Applications and Data Management Services
  • Field Services


The Office of Continuous Improvement & Strategic Planning

The Office of Continuous Improvement’s (OCI) purpose is to deploy and embed the Arizona Management System across the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry. The Arizona Management System is an intentional, results-driven approach that enables every employee, at every level to reflect daily on how they did, find the waste, and decide how to do better going forward with sustainable progress. The OCI organization utilizes training, coaching and lean principles to drive continuous improvement in agency processes.

Additionally, the Strategic Planning Office is responsible for overseeing the agency strategic planning process and for ensuring that the agency Five-Year Strategic Plan and Master List of State Government Programs publications are updated annually and submitted to the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting. The Office also produces a variety of agency reports, acts as the Auditor General Liaison, and assists with intergovernmental issues and policy development.



Research staff are responsible for gathering, analyzing, organizing, and compiling data used for responding to information requests and generating reports. Reports are prepared for the Director and executive staff, the Governor's Office and the legislature. Research also responds to requests from Federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security. Offender population, prison capacity, recidivism, and other data are analyzed and trended for inclusion in surveys, ad hoc reports, strategic plans, and other major research projects.

Research Projects

Research is responsible for coordinating research project applications and reviewing final reports on behalf of the Director. Procedures allowing approval to conduct research involving Department staff, facilities and inmates are identified in Department Order 203, Research Projects. The application (form 203-6) to conduct research is to be submitted at least 90 days prior to the start date of the project.