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Meadows Unit Visitation Status

ADC Inmate Visitation Policy

2019 Meadows Unit - Holiday and Food Visitation Schedule

Food Visit days have been scheduled in accordance with AZ Department of Corrections Policy 809: Holiday food visits for eligible inmates shall be held on the weekend before or weekend after the recognized holiday.

Per policy 911 1.6.1 In the event the Visitation Area is at maximum capacity, Visitation staff shall ask visitors, on a voluntary basis, to end their visit. If a sufficient number of visitors fail to volunteer, staff shall terminate visits, beginning with the first visitors processed, until the required seating/space is available for incoming visitors.

Photo dates have been scheduled in accordance with AZ Department of Corrections Policy 911:

  • Inmate Photographs – Inmates are authorized to have photographs taken of themselves and/or their family members on identified holidays and makeup days during specified time periods.
  • Only inmates who are authorized contact visits will be eligible to participate
  • Inmates wishing to participate in the process will be required to complete an Inmate Request for Withdrawal, Form 905-1, for the cost of the photos (currently $2.00 each with a limit of 4 photos). The deadline for acceptance of Inmate Requests for Withdrawal is noted above.
  • No refunds will be issued for photographs that are seized or destroyed in accordance with this Department Order or for photographs not taken.
  •  Make up photos will not be taken during regular visitation hours.

***Phase (1) Inmates are NOT eligible to receive visits on any day a food visit is scheduled***