Cook Unit


Mailing Address

Cook Unit
Inmate Name and ADC#
PO Box 3200
Florence, AZ 85132
United States


Cook Unit Visitation Status

2019 Cook Unit - Holiday / Visitation Schedule

ADC Inmate Visitation Policy

Visitation Schedule

Fridays: Non Contact Visits (May only visit on Fridays)

Fridays Non Contact Visits: Non Contact Visits are 2 hours long and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
From 8am - 10am & 12pm - 2pm

Saturday & Sunday: Open Visitation Phases 1 - 3 
From 8am - 12pm & 12pm - 4pm

Phase 1 receives 1 - 4 hour visit per week.

Phase 2 receives 3 - 4 hour visits per week.

Phase 3 receives 4 - 4 hour visits per week


Registration Hours

8am - 10am & 12pm - 2pm

The morning registration will close promptly at 10am if you are late you will be asked to come back during the 12pm registration.
This schedule does not apply to Food Visit Weekends. Please refer to that schedule for dates and times of visits.