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ADCRR Inmate Visitation Policy

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General Information

Visitation days are Saturday, Sunday, and State holidays. 
Hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
No visitors are accepted after 2:00 p.m. 
Visitation for detention inmates is Non-Contact and By Appointment - Only. 
Appointments can be scheduled through the visitation office, and must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Holiday visitation is for inmates who are in Phase II and Phase III as specified by Department Order 809. Inmates in Phase I and those inmates assigned to detention 
are not authorized holiday visits. 

Visitation Photographs are authorized on identified holidays and during specified time periods. Inmates wishing to participate in the process will be required to complete an Inmate Request for Withdrawal, form 905-1, for the cost of the photos (currently $2 each/limit 4 photos). Withdrawals must be received at least two weeks before the designated date. 

Inmates on Non-Contact, Loss or Suspension of Visits are not eligible for photos.