Manzanita Unit


Mailing Address

Manzanita Unit
Inmate Name and ADC#
PO Box 24401
Tucson, AZ 85734-4401
United States

Physical Address

10002 S Wilmot Rd
Tucson, AZ 85734-4401
United States
Main Telephone:
520-574-0024 ext 37499

Important Notice About ASPC-Tucson Mailing Address Changes

Manzanita Unit Visitation Status:

Visitor Notification

The Arizona Department of Corrections wants your visitation experience to be safe and is taking steps to ensure contraband is not introduced to the prison.

To allow you to help make the prison and your inmate family member safer, we have established an Information Hotline that you may use to report inappropriate conduct, contraband observations, extortion attempts or any other concerns about misconduct. You may report this anonymously if desired:

Contraband Hotline Phone Tips: (520) 574-0024 ext. 36666
(After hours, you may leave a message and it will be handled immediately the next business day or if after hours and urgent, please contact the number below)

After Hours Urgent Contraband Hotline: (520) 574-0024 ext. 36095

Please note the following changes to our visitation procedure which will assist with this objective:

  • Visitors may be subject to clear the magneto poles in addition to clearing the walk-through metal detectors. Should a visitor not clear, they will return to their car and shall be prohibited from visiting for that day, unless the visitor is found with contraband.
    • Adult visitors who cannot be cleared by the metal detector/magneto poles for some reason shall be asked if they will submit to a pat search.
  • Visitors found with contraband (i.e. cell phones or illegal drugs) can be charged by the County Attorney's Office through the Complex CIU office.
  • Minor visitors will not be pat searched. If a minor cannot clear the metal detector/magneto pole then they and their family members may be cleared for non-contact visitation; subject to availability.
  • Visitation seating may be assigned to ensure closer monitoring of a visit by staff.

For questions or clarification please contact Complex Visitation: (520) 574-0024 ext. 36091

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