Phoenix Prison

Mailing Address

ASPC - Phoenix
PO Box 52109
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2109
United States

Physical Address

2500 E Van Buren St
Phoenix, AZ 85008
United States
Main Telephone:
(602) 685-3100
Main Fax:
(602) 685-3111
Norm Twyford

2019 Holiday / Food Visit Schedule (Aspen & Alhambra)

 ADCRR Inmate Visitation Policy

Applications can be mailed to the respective unit's visitation office.

Alhambra Visitation - Inmates in Reception status at Alhambra are not allowed visitation or phone calls (usually 30 - 45 days). Only those inmates assigned to Alhambra as resident workers or those in treatment programs are allowed visitors.  

Alhambra Visitation Office 
ASPC - Phoenix - Alhambra
P.O. Box 52109
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2109 

Aspen/SPU Visitation Office
ASPC - Phoenix - Aspen/SPU
P.O. Box 52109
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2110 

Work Programs

  • Alhambra/ Flamenco:

    • Skilled inmates are selected from the general population inmates throughout the state to perform maintenance on the facility and other functions such as Porters, Alhambra Kitchen Workers and Yard Maintenance.

  • Aspen/SPU:

    • Facility, building and equipment maintenance; porters, yard maintenance and dining hall/ kitchen sanitation crews.

Education Programs

  • Alhambra/ Flamenco:

    • Mandatory Education. Special Education, Title 1 Literacy, College Distance Learning and GED (Mental Health Inmate Workers)

  • Aspen/SPU:

    • Mandatory Education; GED; Special Education; Chapter 1 Literacy

Treatment Programs:
All units offer medical, dental and nursing care to meet the essential needs of inmates.

  • Alhambra/ Flamenco:

    • Operates a 40 bed licensed acute care mental health unit and a 135 bed licensed intermediate mental health unit. Group and Individual therapy is provided for male and female inmates as part of an integrated daily living program.  General medical and dental care.

  • Aspen/SPU:

    • Operates as the transitional care unit for mental health inmates. Psychiatric assessment, staffing, group and individual therapy, work, recreation, and education are all part of each inmate's treatment plan. General medical and dental care.

To Alhambra:

  • Take I-10 east to the 24th Street exit.
  • Go north at 24th St. to Van Buren St.
  • Travel east on Van Buren approximately 200 yards.
  • At the entrance, turn left.
  • The prison is located east of the entrance

To Aspen/SPU:

  • Take I-10 east if traveling from Phoenix, or I-10 west if traveling from Tucson, proceeding via I-10 to the 24th Street exit.
  • Turn north, traveling until you reach Van Buren Street.
  • Continue north until the first driveway, which is approximately 200 yards.
  • Turn right.
  • The parking lot and prison will be on your right-hand side.