How to apply online for jobs

To begin visit:

Click Yellow Button on left side of screen – Create an account

Fill in all fields marked with RED asterisk (total 4) - Click SAVE

 4 ) Account has been successfully created – Click OK

 5) Select add/ edit or create resume

 6) Create your resume

a. OPTION 1 – Create and Build your resume online (the program will take you through series of questions)
b. Copy and paste (from MS Word document format) if you already have a resume

 Once filled out – (see below) scroll to bottom of page and click CONTINUE

 7) Contact Information – Verify all fields with RED asterisk are filled out (keep scrolling down the page)



 7) Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

 8) Message: Resume successfully completed or added – click OK

 9) Go to Yellow Button on left hand side click Search for Jobs – Type In Keyword ADC Scroll to bottom of page click SEARCH

 10) Locate the position you want to apply for and click on the link

 11) Click APPLY at the bottom of page

 12) Verify your Information again and click SUBMIT button at bottom of page.


 13) Confirmation that your resume has been successfully submitted – click OK

 14) Log Out by clicking Yellow button on left hand side.