Hiring Process

Hiring Process and Documents

  • The first thing you will need to do is apply. Applications may be obtained through this web site, you can apply online through azstatejobs.gov, or you can call one of our recruiters and set an appointment to set an appointment for testing.
  • Test day begins with completing basic paperwork and taking a 60 question Correctional Officers entrance exam. (Avg. time is about 1.5 hours) Once you pass the Correctional Officers exam you will then be made a Conditional Job Offer, and complete a background addendum. After that is completed you will proceed to the Fitness testing. This instructional letter will give you the requirements needed to pass the Fitness test. After successfully completing the Fitness testing you will continue the process by completing the psychological exam.  This is a three part exam that can take 2-4 hours to complete. When you leave for the day you will be emailed the background questionnaire, given instructions on how to complete the background online and where to send any additional documentation needed. At this time you will also be scheduled for your Medical/physical, these are conducted Monday-Friday in various locations in the state of Arizona. You should expect to be at the testing facility 5-7 hours.
  • Once you have cleared background investigations, the final step in the process is your pre-employment drug screening. Once you clear your drug screening you are placed into a hiring pool with other applicants for the prison you have chosen, and as soon as we have an opening at that prison, we will make you a final job offer and arrange for your academy start date at COTA(Correctional Officer Training Academy).

* Any existing testing component can be modified and components can be added at any time.

Documents Needed

  • Proof of Age and United States Citizenship or lawful Permanent Residency i.e. Birth Certificate, U.S. Passport or Immigration for I-1551
  • Your High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Your Military Discharge papers, showing type of discharge i.e., DD-214 long form
  • Valid driver license