Health Services

Assistant Director,
Health Services Contract Monitoring Bureau
Richard Pratt
Telephone: (602) 255-2470

Health Information Access Notice


Effective March 4, 2013, Corizon contracted with Arizona Department of Corrections to provide full service medical, mental health, and dental care to the inmates housed at the following prison complexes:

Douglas Phoenix
Eyman Safford
Florence Tucson
Lewis Winslow
Perryville Yuma







If you have concerns and/or issues of a medical nature concerning a family and/or friend incarcerated in an Arizona Department of Corrections facility please call the facility medical department where the inmate is currently located. The facility Director of Nursing will assist you in resolving your concerns with medical care.

DouglasThe Director of Nursing at (520) 364-7521 ext. 34482 

Eyman - The Director of Nursing at (520) 868-0201 Ext 83735

FlorenceThe Director of Nursing at (520) 868-4011 ext. 25703

Lewis The Director of Nursing at (623) 386-6160 ext. 54831

PerryvilleThe Director of Nursing at (623) 853-0304 ext. 24227

PhoenixThe Director of Nursing at (602) 685-3100 ext. 53007

SaffordThe Director of Nursing at (928) 428-4698 ext. 77002

TucsonThe Director of Nursing at (520) 574-0024 ext. 36304

WinslowThe Director of Nursing at (928) 289-9551 ext. 45575

YumaThe Director of Nursing at (928) 627-8871 ext. 17274

Due to the confidentiality of medical records, a release of information from the inmate may be required to provide specific details of any treatment plans. {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}


To request copies of medical records, you may contact Corizon directly at:

Phone: (480) 897-9515 ext. 2513
Fax: (480) 897-9605




To discuss health care at one of the contracted prison facilities within the state, you may call that prison directly for health related information.


The Department created a Monitoring Bureau to follow the medical care and treatment of inmates after privatization of health services effective July 1, 2012. Responsibility and accountability for inmate health care is demanded now, as in the past. You may contact the Health Services Contract Monitoring Bureau at:

Phone: (602) 255-2470
Fax: (602) 364-2958