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Human Resources Divisions:


Human Resources Administration

Human Resources Administration provides oversight of Department employment practices, ensuring they are in accordance with appropriate Federal laws, State statutes, and Department of Administration Personnel Rules, and for all aspects of administering human resource support to employees (i.e., operations, benefits, recruitment and hiring, position classification, compensation, salary administration, etc.).

Human Resources (HR) Operations

Human Resources (HR) Operations employs approximately 50 HR staff Statewide and is responsible for a multitude of personnel services as outlined below. The HR Operations Unit includes the HR Offices within each complex, at the Correction’s Officer Training Academy (COTA) and at Central Office. HR Operations also has oversight authority of the Division HR Liaisons for matters related to personnel services.

HR Offices: Each prison complex as well as COTA has an HR Office assigned to it. At the institutions these offices are responsible for conducting new hire sign in, processing personnel, pay and benefit actions, producing a variety of HR related reports, activating recruitment and hiring actions, processing classification and compensation requests, handling employee pay issues, researching employee HR related issues and meeting with employees and families. At COTA, HR Operations is responsible for conducting Cadet New Hire Sign-in, processing and keying new hire paperwork, assisting cadets with benefits, handling cadet terminations, issuing correctional badges and transferring COTA graduates personnel records.

Personnel: Located at Central Office this unit is responsible for the timely and accurate processing of all incoming employee personnel and pay actions into the Human Resources Information Solution (HRIS) System. The team also conducts weekly new hire sign up sessions assisting staff with On-Boarding and the completion of required paperwork. This unit also provides HRIS training to newly hired HR Liaisons and their staff.

Benefits: Benefits oversees the administration of the employee benefits programs for health, dental, vision, short and long term disability, life, and flexible spending accounts. They also produce benefit premium billing statements for employees out on leave without pay, collecting and dispersing received premium payments. They coordinate the agency’s Open Enrollment and oversee other special benefit programs.

HR Audit: The ADCRR HR Audit team was the first of its kind Statewide and was implemented to self audit on HR practices. This team of two creates audit tools and produces audit reports.  It conducts regular on-site HR Office audits and audits personnel and pay actions created before and after these actions are keyed.  In addition, they conduct regular personnel file reviews and run HRIS reports.

Retirement: The Corrections Officer’s Retirement Plan (CORP) Board is overseen by the Public Safety Plan Retirement System (PSPRS) but is administratively supported by the ADCRR. The Pension Coordinators are responsible for the management of CORP related documents such as, retirements, disabilities, survivor benefits, refunds and waivers.  In addition, the pension coordinators assist with Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) questions, Retiree’s Accumulated Sick Leave (RASL) and Donated Annual Leave.

Contractor Clearance: All contractors within the ADCRR are processed centrally within the Contractor Clearance Unit. This unit ensures all mandatory pre-clearance steps are completed prior to the issuance of an ID. With approximately 5,000 contractors Statewide, this unit tracks all clearances, maintains active and inactive records inputting the pertinent information into a Contractor Database. This unit is also responsible for all correctional badges issued within the department and ensures an annual inventory is completed.

Personnel Records: Oversees the daily maintenance of approximately 15,000+ active and inactive personnel records, ensuring incoming documentation is processed accurately and timely. Responsible for creating personnel files on newly hired staff and deactivating inactive records. This unit responds to law enforcement employment verifications, subpoenas and public record requests. The support staff acts as the agency’s liaison with the Department of Economic Resources coordinating and responding to all Unemployment Claims and coordinates the agency’s years of service awards.

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Recruitment Unit for Selection and Hiring (RUSH), Central Promotional Register (CPR), and Selection & Testing

The RUSH Unit is responsible for recruitment of entry-level Correctional Officer positions, to include reinstatements and rehires. The hiring process includes recruitment, medical/physical testing and psychological testing, and facilitation of community recruitment centers completed in accordance with Department Policy and State Personnel Rules. The RUSH Unit validates prior Correctional experience and education.

The CPR and Selection & Testing Unit is responsible for preparing tests and related materials for promotional processes for security-series job classifications via the Central Promotional Register (CPR) process. It develops the promotional registers to fill state-wide vacancies for positions in the correctional series. CPR provides procedural guidance for Oral Board panel proceedings and provides assistance to Hiring Authorities in developing interview questions that are in compliance with Federal, State and local laws, rules, regulations and Department Policy.

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Employment, Classification & Compensation

The Employment Unit provides oversight for recruitment which includes Executive, Fiscal, Clerical, Professional, Technical, Trade, and all other classifications not in the correctional series. The Employment Unit also ensures the Department's selection and hiring practices are in accordance with Departmental Policy and State Personnel Rules. Other duties of the Employment Unit include being responsible for announcing job vacancies, evaluating applicants, reviewing special salary requests, processing pre-employment assessments, and post-job offer testing requirements.

The Pre-Employment section is responsible for receiving, reviewing, correcting, disseminating, tracking and logging hiring packets received for potential hires with the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry. Further, we offer applicants assistance with their submissions and guide them through the process.

Drug-Free Workplace - The Employment Unit also oversees and administers the Drug-Free Workplace Program for the Department. The Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry Drug-Free Workplace Program is based on Federal and State Drug-Free Workplace guidelines. To promote the health and safety of its' employees, the Department has established mandatory drug testing for designated safety-security sensitive positions and includes post-offer testing as a condition of employment, as well as reasonable suspicion drug and/or alcohol testing for all employees.

The Classification and Compensation Unit is a vital function within Human Resources and Development Group that establishes new positions, while also reviewing existing positions to determine appropriate placement within the agency. The Classification and Compensation Unit also plays an important role in the conducting of salary surveys, analyzing compiled information, assist with departmental organizational changes, and formulating recommendations for salary adjustments in accordance with State and Federal Laws,  ADOA Personnel Rules, ADOA Classification and Compensation Guidelines; and ADCRR department policies and procedures.

Reports - Upon request, gathers, analyzes and prepares reports, charts or graphs that provide findings from various data sources. Conducting salary surveys and analyzing compiled information for recommendations. Provide professional level expertise researching issues pertaining to federal and state laws as they relate to classification and compensation.

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Employee Assistance Office

The Employee Assistance Office is comprised of the Employee Relations Unit, the Employee Grievance Unit, and the Occupational Health Unit.

The Employee Relations Unit advises management and employees on laws, rules and policies and procedures relative to staff conduct, discipline and leave administration. The ER Unit also advises on application of Federal laws governing military leave, the Family and Medical Leave Act, assists in the coordination and finalization of requests for reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act and assists in resolving employee complaints.

As part of the Employee Relations Unit, the Employee Grievance Coordinator provides guidance to Department staff and management on the process which involves addressing and resolving employee issues. The guidance offered includes what issue(s) can and cannot be grieved, response and submission time frames and extensions, the documentation required to submit a formal grievance, allowed work time to prepare a formal grievance, and eligible individuals who may act as an authorized grievant representative.

The Equal Opportunity Unit (EOU) is responsible for administration of all equal employment opportunity actions and diversity issues. The unit is fully committed to providing equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all employees and applicant’s based on merit, without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

The Occupational Health Unit delivers comprehensive occupational health care to Department employees. This is accomplished in 10 prison complexes, the Correctional Officer Training Academy and various administrative buildings throughout the State.

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Staff Development and Training Bureau

The Staff Development and Training Bureau provides in-service training for correctional and non-correctional staff. The Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry has an experienced program development and pre-service/in-service curriculum staff working diligently to provide our staff with the skill and knowledge to maintain and enhance their job performance, along with the skills to deal with everyday stress for work and home. Our program development academies ensure that our management staff is provided the tools to hone skills of established supervisors and to provide newly promoted supervisors the skills needed to manage effectively in a correctional setting. We also offer several team-building activities for staff to enhance teamwork and productivity. The Correctional Officer Training Academy (COTA) is also a vital resource at the local, state and national level for the law enforcement and private community, providing classroom and meeting space, as well as lodging.

Professional and Executive Development Academies are developed to ensure our staff has the tools and knowledge needed in becoming effective supervisors. The skills learned would enable supervisors to assist staff with the daily occurrences they will face.

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ADCRR Employment Opportunities

ADCRR Employment Opportunities