Fitness Test

New ADCRR Correctional Officer Fitness Testing Requirements

All eight components must be completed within 45 minutes
(Returning Correctional Officers who will not attend COTA should refer to the requirements found in blue font below)

(1) Eye-Hand Coordination and Dexterity Testing: Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test (MMDT)

All pegs will be in the test with the same side up to start.

The applicant will start in the top right corner.

The applicant will pick up the peg with one hand; turn the peg into the other hand and place the peg, completely, in the hole with the opposite side up.

The applicant will complete all 4 rows and will need to lead with a different hand each time they start a new row.

Applicant must complete 2 trials of the 2 hand place and turn, within 2 minutes and 30 seconds, for both trials.

(2) Mobility Testing: Squat and Rotating Test

Timed for 1 minute and 5 seconds

Squat 20 times (feet at 16" from middle of toes, knees over toes for ½ squat)



Rotate at the waist, 10 times to the right and 10 times to the left.

(3) Flexibility Testing: Sit and Reach Test


The applicant will sit on the floor with legs out straight ahead. Feet (shoes off) are placed against the sit and reach box. Applicant must sit and reach 6 inches (8 inches for returning applicants).


(4) Strength Testing: Sit Ups

Timed for 1 minute

Must complete 16 Sit Ups (20 Sit Ups for returning applicants). Lay on the ground with your arms crossed against your chest, thumbs laced together. Feet need to be no more than 12 inches from your rear. One complete sit up is from the ground touch forearms to thighs and shoulder blades hitting ground.

(5) Strength Testing: Push Ups

Timed for 1 minute

Must complete 4 Push Ups (6 Push Ups for returning applicants). (Straight back, supporting the body on both the hands and toes) One complete push up is from start position, go down so the arms breaking the 90 degree position and push up to straight arms.

(6) Endurance Testing: Step Test

Timed for 3 minutes

The applicant will stand facing the step. When ready to begin, the applicant will march up and down on the step to the metronome beat (up, up, down, down) for 3 consecutive minutes. The applicant will then be asked to sit down and rest for 1 minute. After the 1 minute rest period, the applicant’s heart rate will be measured by the testing proctor. Applicant’s heart rate must be equal to or less than 136 beats per minute.

(7) Job-Specific Testing Circuit

(All tests must be completed 2 times within 2 minutes)

Forward and Backward Crawl
Applicant will crawl forward 5 feet and crawl backward 5 feet.

50 lbs Bag Lift
Applicant will grasp a 50 lb property bag and lift to the waist 3 times.

50 lbs Bag Lift and Carry
Applicant will then lift the 50 lb bag at least to the waist area, and carry the bag 100 feet

(8) One Mile Run/Walk

Must complete a Mile Run/Walk within 17 Minutes. (15 minutes for returning candidates)