Correctional Officer Hiring Process

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Corrections Officers Start at
$21.93 - $26.43/hr!**
Salary $45,621 - $54,974**

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**Includes 20% Critical Service Premium Pay Stipends through June 24, 2022


Apply to become a Correctional Officer at the following Arizona State Prison Complexes* by clicking the links below:

Apply by text instead! Text "JOBS" to (833) 722-2264 or scan the QR code below:

* Open and closed complex job postings are subject to change.

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To speak to a recruiter or schedule an appointment, call (602) 542 - 7572

  • Any existing testing component can be modified and components can be added at any time.
  • When all the processes have been completed you will be placed into a hiring pool with other applicants for the prison you have chosen, and as soon as we have an opening at that prison, we will make you a final job offer and arrange for your academy start date at COTA (Correctional Officer Training Academy)

Documents Needed

The entire process consists of the following steps:

Written Exam

The written exam that consists of 60 multiple choice questions; (average time to complete is 50 minutes)

The test consist of the following categories of study:

  • Observation & Recall of Detail
  • Following Written Instructions
  • Human Relations / Criminal Justice Knowledge
  • Reading Comprehension

Once you pass the written exam you will be made a conditional job offer.

Complete a background addendum.

Fitness Test

Fitness test consist of eight components that must be completed within 45 minutes.

Fitness Test Requirements

Psychological Exam

This is a three part exam that can take 2-4 hours to complete.

When you leave for the day you will be emailed the background questionnaire, given instructions on how to complete the background online and where to send any additional documents needed. At this time you will also be scheduled for your medical/physical.


Please see the Medical/Physical requirements here:

Medical/Physical Requirements (PDF)

Drug Screen
  • As an applicant you will be required to undergo a drug screen test.
  • The drug screen test will involve an analysis of a urine specimen.
  • You will provide a specimen at a designated collection site.

Are you ready to begin the Correctional Officer hiring process? Follow the instructions below to get scheduled for testing.