Corrections Officer Retirement Plan

Current Board Members

Below you can find the current Corrections Officer Retirement Plan Board Members, along with their titles and terms. Click on any board member name or photo to see a complete bio.

Timothy Cox
Deputy Warden
Elected Member
01/07/2016 to 01/07/2020
Kevin Curran
Warden - ASPC Phoenix Complex
ADC Director Appointed Member
08/05/2016 to 08/05/2020
Judy Frigo
Warden (retired) - ASPC Perryville
Governor-Appointed Member
05/05/2016 to 05/05/2020
Dionne Martinez
Deputy Warden
Elected Member
01/01/2017 to 01/01/2021
Michael Smarik
Deputy State Comptroller - ADOA
Board Chair (Governor-Appointed Member)
09/27/2014 to 09/27/2018

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Mary Turner
CORP Board Secretary
Arizona Department of Corrections
(602) 255-2456



Corrections Officer Retirement Plan Local Board
M/C 560 Attn: Mary Turner
1831 West Jefferson
Phoenix, Arizona 85007


Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
Corrections Officer Retirement Plan
3010 East Camelback Rd Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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For additional information on member benefits, benefit calculators, common forms and current legislation, please visit:

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CORP Handbook

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Job Classification Changes

Are you an ASRS employee moving to a CORP position as a result of a promotion, voluntary grade decrease, mobility assignment, demotion, transfer, etc.?
Are you a CORP member moving to an ASRS position as a result of a promotion, voluntary grade decrease, mobility assignment, demotion, transfer, etc.?

This change in your job classification could result in a change to your retirement system.

If you have moved into a different position since January 2003, please contact the Local CORP Board Coordinators at the numbers listed below to ensure you are contributing to the correct retirement system.
(602) 255-2455 OR (602) 255-2456.

CORP Statutes

Statutes38-881 Definitions
38-882 Corrections officer retirement plan and fund; administration
38-883 Board of trustees; powers and duties
38-883.01 Qualified governmental excess benefit arrangement; definitions
38-884 Membership of retirement plan; termination; credited service; redemption; reemployment; definition
38-884.01 Reinstatement of credited service; effect of prior law
38-885 Normal retirement; conditions and pension
38-885.01 Reverse deferred retirement option plan; purpose; delayed repeal
38-886 Accidental disability retirement; total and permanent disability retirement; qualification; amount of pension; conditions for continued payment of pension
38-886.01 Ordinary disability retirement; qualifications; amount of pension; conditions for continued payment of pension; definition
38-887 Pension to surviving spouse of deceased retired member
38-888 Pension to the surviving spouse of a member
38-889 Guaranteed minimum aggregate payout
38-890 Pensions; commencement and duration
38-891 Employer and member contributions
38-891.01 Retired member; return to work; employer contributions
38-892 Internal revenue code section 414(h) pickup of member contributions
38-893 Local boards; powers and duties; rules; hearings; administrative review
38-894 Financial objective of the retirement plan; participating employer contributions
38-895 Maximum annual pension; limitations; definition
38-895.01 Compensation limitation; adjustments
38-895.02 Payment of pension
38-896 Taxation of pensions; exemption for contributions
38-897 Assignments prohibited; liability of fund
38-898 Subrogation; right of setoff
38-899 Correction of errors
38-900 Internal revenue code qualification
38-900.01 Statutory construction
38-901 Transfers into or out of retirement plan
38-902 Joinder agreement
38-903 Reservation to the legislature
38-904 Death benefits; amount
38-905 Benefit increases
38-905.01 Lump sum payment of benefit increases
38-905.02 Future benefit increases for retirees and survivors; applicability
38-905.03 Ad hoc increase in retirement benefits; analysis by the joint legislative budget committee
38-905.04 Transfers to the excess investment earning account prohibited
38-906 Group health and accident coverage for retired members; payment; forfeiture of interest
38-907 Credit for military service
38-908 Transfer of credited service
38-909 Redemption of prior service; calculation
38-909.01 Purchase of service; payment
38-910 Domestic relations orders; procedures; payments
38-911 Deferred annuity; eligibility; amount; exception
38-912 Civil liability; restitution or payment of fine; forfeiture of benefits; violation; classification; offset of benefits