Director's Office

Office of the Director


Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry Director is responsible for the overall operations and policies of ADCRR, including:

  • Maintaining and administering all ADCRR institutions and programs.
  • Administering community supervision services for adult inmates released from prison in accordance with the law.
  • Developing uniform statewide community field supervision services in Arizona.
  • Recommending policies and programs to the Governor and Legislature for improving correctional programs.
  • Establishing employment qualifications (based on education and practical experience) for Deputy Directors and other key personnel.
  • Developing incentives for inmates to encourage good behavior and faithful performance of work.


The following sections support the Director in carrying out his responsibilities:

Media Relations Office

Media Relations conducts the internal and external communication functions of the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry. The Director of Communications and Public Information Officer act as spokespersons for the Department, disseminating information to the media and planning media appearances by the Director and other Department employees.

Please submit general inquiries to:

[email protected]

Legislative Affairs

Legislative Affairs staff coordinates and prepares Department legislation; monitors all legislative issues that impact the Department; establishes and maintains legislative contacts on the Department's behalf, and investigates and responds to legislative inquiries.


Legal Services

The Legal Services/Discovery Unit, under the supervision of the General Counsel, works with the DOA Risk Management Division, the Attorney General's office, and contract attorneys regarding liability issues arising from lawsuits against the Department. It provides legal advice, through its General Counsel, to the Director and Division Directors on liability issues; reviews all proposed settlements of lawsuits filed against the Department; reviews and analyzes proposed written directives for compliance with legal requirements; arranges staff and inmate depositions; provides legal advice on disciplinary and grievance appeals; provides system-wide monitoring and operational oversight of the Department's Inmate Legal Access Program; and its General Counsel supervises the Inmate Grievance and Disciplinary Appeals Hearing Officers.


The Office of Continuous Improvement & Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Office is responsible for overseeing the agency strategic planning process and for ensuring that the agency Five-Year Strategic Plan and Master List of State Government Programs publications are updated annually and submitted to the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budget. The Office also produces a variety of agency reports, acts as the Auditor General Liaison, and assists with intergovernmental issues and policy development.


Organizational Chart