Dine Pride


The word “Dine” is Navajo for “The People”. The origin of the Dine Pride as a prison gang is difficult to document but reports date back to 2001. The Dine Pride originally was made up of Native American inmate from the Navajo Tribe but this has changed through the years to include Native Americans from other tribes. The Dine Pride has a strong affiliation with the American Indian Movement (AIM) and some Dine Pride suspects display the “Shadow Warrior” tattoo associated with AIM. The Dine Pride has attempted to be recognized as the representative of the Native American inmate population. This has resulted in numerous physical confrontation with the “Warrior Society” STG group. The Dine Pride was officially recognized as a Security Threat Group (STG) in 2009.


  1. Mandatory education academically – Those that are painted (patched) should know the history of the group. If available literature should be handed out and studied to get a clear understanding of our circles ways. Those who are active participants and who are prospects should be asked of this knowledge, not only the history behind the group but also the teachings that were handed down to them.

  2. No alcohol or drug use.

  3. Conduct yourself accordingly. Self control is self discipline and discipline as a circle should always be a priority, This is a must!

  4. In all aspects respect the brothers around you and other races. Respect all those who have a place in the ranks to an utmost degree.

  5. No gambling debts allowed.

  6. Exercise is mandatory, unless unable to do so.

  7. Communication is very important with those (Brothers) around you and elsewhere. Information must and will be circulated among the brothers, regardless

  8. Religious practice is a must. It is important that our religious beliefs be brought out not only for the sake of practice, for the strength, guidance, protection and the cleansing of the mind, body and spirit of the group. Smudging should be a priority to those who choose to walk the path.

Dine Pride Art & Tattoos 

Dine Pride Head tattoo