Border Brothers

  • Membership - Approximately 418 members

  • Common Tattoos - A Border Brother, BB, Aztec drawing of sun with 8 large flames and 8 small flames, has an Aztec God symbol in center with BB at top.

  • Racial make up - Mexican Nationals

  • Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, Rioting and Gambling.

STG Specific Tattoo/Symbolism

Will usually be an Aztec creature's head encircled by flames with eight of the flames appearing longer than the others. And/or the words "Border Brothers" the letters "BB" and/or the number "22"


Fastest growing STG. Highest membership. Most validated members. Being courted by OMM. Factional differences with Calif. Border Bros.

Border Brothers Art & Tattoos