Water Service Disruption Affecting ASPC-Yuma

June 16, 2019

For Immediate Release

YUMA (Sunday, June 16, 2019) – The Arizona State Prison Complex in Yuma is currently employing water conservation measures after dual pump failures have limited the availability to draw from wells on-site. The prison has limited water service to housing units to conserve available water resources. The Dakota, La Paz, and Cibola Units do not have inmate showers, sinks, toilets, or laundry in service at this time. The Cocopah and Cheyenne Units have water service for drinking water, sinks, toilets, and evaporative cooling, but showers and laundry are not available.

As with the recent water service disruption in Douglas, the Yuma Complex has implemented a prepared response. Unit personnel are actively working to mitigate any impact and ensure inmates at the Dakota, La Paz, and Cibola Units have continuous access to drinking water and sanitation:

    Bottled drinking water is distributed and available to all inmates, visitors, and unit staff. More than 30,000 bottles are currently available, with additional pallets on the way.
    Water igloos throughout the units are providing inmates an additional source of drinking water.
    Portable toilets and hand sanitation is in place for inmate use.
    The Dakota Unit uses both A/C and evaporative cooling. Running water to all evap units has continued to ensure they continue to provide cool air inside the unit. La Paz and Cibola Units are entirely A/C cooled.
    Inmate visitation continued today without interruption.
    Meal menus and services have not been negatively affected.
    Officers have kept in continuous communication with the inmate population about the situation.  

Contractors are expected to begin pump repairs by 6:00 p.m. tonight and work is anticipated to continue into Monday.

Updates will be issued as additional information becomes available.



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