Over The Edge For Special Olympics

December 12, 2015
Over Edge Group Photo With Director Ryan

ADC “Over the Edge” Teams Raise Over $14,600 for Special Olympics Arizona

Information for this article was provided by CO II Chris Kriebel

On December 12, 2015, “Over the Edge” hosted its annual fundraiser for Special Olympics at the 27-story CityScape building in downtown Phoenix.  As in the past few years, the Arizona Department of Corrections took an active role in this event.  Anyone who wanted to rappel down the side of the Phoenix skyscraper needed to raise at least $1,000 for Special Olympics Arizona.      

Starting back in January, the ASPC-Eyman/Flying Squirrels were formed and began their fundraising through a number of Tip-A-Cop events at the Texas Roadhouse in Mesa. The team included CO II Chris Kriebel, CO II Terrell Bohannon, CO II Steve Coleman and CO II Sandra Birdsong.  As the year progressed, the team recruited another six people to join the team, including Deputy Warden Sam Washburn, CO II Rebecca Castillo and CO II Quincy Porto.  Warden Kevin Curran and ADW Wendy Eccles, both from ASPC-Phoenix, also joined the team, along with Special Olympics Athlete Carla Simon. Team Flying Squirrels was able to raise a total of $8209, the 5th highest fundraising team. Team Chuck Ryan, from the Central Office, consisted of ADC Director Charles Ryan, his son Kelly Ryan, Planning and Special Projects Coordinator Denise Stravia and CTS Administrator Karen Hellman.  Team Chuck Ryan raised a total of $5,000. In Tucson, ADW Glen Pacheco raised $1412 for the honor of not taking the elevator and rappelling down the 27-story building. Special thanks also goes out to Lt. Norma Rubio from ASPC-Eyman, who volunteered for the whole day as a part of the ropes team, which are specialty volunteers who assist with the more technical tasks associated at the event.

Think you have the guts to go “Over the Edge” in 2016?  Fundraising for next year’s event has already begun. The website to visit is www.2016overtheedge.kintera.org/ or contact CO II Chris Kriebel or CO II Terrell Bohannon by state email.