Maricopa Reentry Center Update

November 4, 2016
Maricopa Reentry Center


PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) announced today that it will be adjusting programming at the Maricopa Reentry Center (MRC).

Going forward, MRC will continue accepting released offenders participating in the Intensive Treatment with Housing (ITH) and Sanctions programs.

The ITH program is a cognitive based, 90-day substance abuse treatment program. Offenders participating in this program work with licensed counselors and paraprofessionals to address their substance abuse problems and successfully reintegrate back into society.

Offenders remain on-site for services and do not leave the facility during the first 45 days of treatment. After 45 days, based on the individual’s program progress and behavior, they may earn limited passes to visit family and engage in prosocial activities (such as outside 12-Step meetings, job interviews, etc.).

The Sanctions program serves as an intervention technique with offenders who are violating the technical terms of their supervision status, but who are not committing new crimes or presenting a danger to the public.

Instead of returning to prison to await a revocation hearing, these offenders are sent to MRC for brief stays (typically 2-3 days) during which they remain on-site at the facility. They are only allowed to leave the premises to attend pre-existing employment. While in the sanctions program, offenders attend classes and complete assignments designed to help them rethink their decision making processes.

“We believe that these adjustments will address the neighborhood concerns while continuing to provide programming and services that will help reduce recidivism and promote public safety,” said Charles L. Ryan, ADC Director.

In the next 2-4 weeks, day reporting operations for offenders at MRC will be transitioned to another location. Effective immediately, no new offenders will be added to the Without Placement program at MRC. Moreover, within 90 days, offenders currently in the Without Placement program will no longer be at MRC. The department will continue to actively work with these offenders to identify housing options for them and to connect them with needed services.


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