Electronic Payments

December 2, 2013
Friends and Family have always had the option of sending money orders or cashier's checks to the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) prisons for Inmate Deposits and/or Visitation Background Check fees.
In September 2008, ADC began accepting electronic deposits from Western Union in order to make it easier to send money. This process allows the funds to be available to inmate accounts within one business day, and is less labor intensive for the ADC staff than processing money orders.
In July 2011, ADC began also accepting electronic deposits for Visitation Background Fees from Western Union. However, the deposits are not real-time, and there is a delay between electronically submitting the ADC Application and being able to pay for the fees with Western Union.
In an effort to make the ADC electronic deposits process less cost prohibitive and more accessible to payers, the Department has now awarded a new contract to three vendors. The contract includes several new or expanded services:
Allow Payment of Community Corrections Fees
Ability to pay Visitation Background Fees electronically and in real-time
Real-time service by internet, phone and walk-up for all three types of payments (Community Correction fees, Visitation Background Fees, and Inmate Deposits)
By providing multiple vendors, ADC is able to provide payers with more choices (internet, phone and walk-up) and at less cost for the various payments types. The awarded vendors are:
JPAY (which subcontracts to MoneyGram for its walk-up services)
Keefe (which subcontracts to ACE Cash Express and ACH Payment Solutions for its walk-up services)
GTL (which subcontracts to Western Union for its walk-up services)
The new contracts and pricing will take effect on December 2, 2013. The option of sending money orders or cashier's checks to ADC for fees and Inmate Deposits will still be available for those who prefer to pay by this method. Please see below for links to each service and additional details.


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