Calling All Employees! - We Need Your Help

June 30, 2016
Arizona State Seal

We need your help. Are you interested in improving how ADC does business? Are you interested in continuous improvement? Help us as we roll out the new Arizona Management System (AMS) which is being implemented by Arizona state agencies. Join us and your fellow employees as we begin our discussion on the best ways to deliver better results utilizing Lean tools and principles. 

What is Lean? Lean is all about continuous improvement, delivering better results faster. And for us, it also means accomplishing great results while never losing sight of our primary mission to operate safe, secure, and orderly prisons. Applying Lean principles identifies duplicative and unnecessary steps in processes and eliminates those steps to the point where the process is waste free and the quality of our work is second to none. Importantly, Lean is not a code word for reductions in our workforce.

Why Lean? You are the expert on your job. You have the knowledge to make it better. With so many priorities competing for your limited time and resources, we need efficient processes to get our work done. Lean tools and principles offer a way to do that – to focus and direct your knowledge to improve the job and the work environment. You deserve to come to work each day knowing your ideas are valued and motivated to find better ways to do your job – to increase your contribution to ADC and to the Arizona taxpayers. Let's identify these opportunities together. Let's continuously improve together. 

Where are we now? A team of dedicated employees and supervisors has applied Lean principles to several projects over the past year, and has proudly reported significant reductions in the time it takes to hire a Correctional Officer and to complete the inmate intake process. Another project involving ADC and the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency is expected to achieve similarly impressive results. A Project Team consisting of members of our Executive Team, which includes the Office of Continuous Improvement, will now begin to plan our AMS framework and related performance measures. This team will reach out to employees at all levels for input and participation, and then will support and guide you as we journey forward together.

Where are we going?  We will keep you informed with regular updates. We will seek your feedback along the way. Within the next two months, you will receive more information and training to help you better understand the Lean principles and their application to your work. Soon you will be requested to participate in a change readiness assessment, which is similar to our current employee engagement survey, but which will specifically focus upon developing our communication and training efforts to reinforce your direct involvement in the coming months.

It is time to open a new chapter for management. The AMS directly supports our ADC core values of Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, and Efficiency (PRICE) by increasing the worth and value of each task that is part of your roles and responsibilities. Looking at our work in this way ensures that every action counts. Together, with teamwork and collaboration, we will apply the AMS to the important work that we do for the citizens of the State of Arizona every day. The result will be a stronger workforce and a better environment for you to work in!

Charles L. Ryan
Director - Arizona Department of Corrections