February 22, 2021

(PHOENIX) - A story today claimed that hundreds of inmates are being held beyond their release date as a result of IT issues – this is false. While it is accurate that the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry ACIS system does not currently calculate release dates in accordance with the parameters established by Senate Bill (S.B.) 1310, the Department has not allowed this to delay any release dates. 

Release eligibility data is constantly monitored and ADCRR updates the calculation multiple times daily to ensure appropriate release times are calculated and acted upon. Beyond any automated sentence calculations, it is standard practice to review and validate sentence calculations manually to certify release dates. ADCRR has a record of accurate sentence calculations based on our current manual method. This has been the subject of litigation in the past and our method has been consistently upheld by Arizona courts.      

It is also important to note that ADCRR has continued programming eligible for release credits throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has been necessary to limit class sizes in order to provide appropriate social distancing and other protocols to mitigate potential COVID-19 spread in order to protect our inmates and staff.

As of today, ADCRR currently has 356 inmates currently enrolled in programming which is required for them to complete as part of Senate Bill 1310 criteria. There are currently 255 inmates with 210 days left to serve who are being prioritized to take part in programming.  The 356 currently in programming may qualify for early release based on the S.B. 1310 criteria.  Upon completion of programming, each inmate's release date will be recalculated.
Since March, 2020, a total of 6,569 ADCRR inmates have completed major programs. These programs include Functional Literacy, GED/High School, Substance Abuse Treatment, Sex Offender Treatment and Cognitive Restructuring.