Another SECC Giveaway

January 23, 2013
SECC Prize Winner

The SECC is on the move, awarding another $1,000 prize, courtesy of the Arizona State Credit Union. The Arizona Department of Corrections is pleased to announce that another ADC employee has won the $1,000 prize.

On Friday, January 18, DW Andrew Jackson, ASPC-Perryville/San Carlos Unit, was presented his $1,000 prize from the SECC, and in a surprising turn, he announced he would be donating the money BACK to the SECC, where it will go to help those in need.

There are still more checks to deliver and you never know where or when the SECC will show up.

Pictured at top from left to right: SECC member Chi Dang, SECC Executive Director Khala Walker, AZSCU Branch Manager Lisa Day and Prize Winner Deputy Warden Andrew Jackson