Arizona Correctional Industries

3279 East Harbour Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034 | (602) 272-7600 | Fax: (602) 272-1007

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CEO/Business Operations Administrator (602) 272-7600 Brian Radecki
CFO - Finance and Accounting (602) 447-3113 Dale Beatty
Labor Operations Administrator (602) 447-3112 Mario Diaz
Marketing Director (602) 447-3128 Clark DesSoye
VP Western Industrial Region (602) 447-3131 Gregg Hillebrand
VP Central Industrial Region (602) 447-3127 Bill Foster
VP Eastern Industrial Region (602) 272-7600 Al Wesley
Labor Operations Managers

(602) 447-3132
(602) 447-3129
(602) 447-3130

Eric Cole
Michael McCarville
Bruce Shiflet
Sales Manager and ADC Sales Contact (602) 447-3140 Mike Zinn
Customer Service Manager (602) 447-3120 Tom Brown
ESA/HR Liaison Administration (602) 447-3138 Malinda Strom

Arizona Correctional Industries reports to the Inmate Programs and Reentry Division Director of the Department of Corrections.

Structured along the lines of a traditional private enterprise, ACI industries and related activities comprise five units:

Administrative Services: The Administrative Services Unit provides support for all administrative functions of the division including all matters related to planning, personnel, legal affairs, and public information.

Business Development: The ACI Business Development Unit has Primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of Prison Industry/Private Sector or Governmental Partnerships. These ACI Partnerships provide for the use of inmate labor in the manufacture of goods and/or production of services. The ACI Business Development Unit administers and manages the division's Partnership Programs by developing contracts and monitoring compliance with strict laws, rules and regulations.

Finance and Accounting: The Finance and Accounting Bureau is assigned specific responsibility for ACI's financial and support functions, including: accounting, information technology, purchasing, materials management, and cost and inventory control.

Sales/Marketing/Customer Service: The Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Bureau has responsibility for the overall activities associated with generating business and providing customer service. The bureau operates with a staff of six sales representatives and a customer service unit.

Operations: The Manufacturing Operations Bureau is divided into three geographic regions. Each Region Operations Manager is responsible for all ACI manufacturing and production facilities and activities located within their region. The Operations Bureau Administrator and Region Operations Managers work closely and in full partnership with Prison administrators and their institutional staff located throughout the state.

In conjunction with its formal organizational structure, ACI's business and financial operations are periodically reviewed by the ACI Board of Directors.

To create opportunities for offenders to develop marketable skills and good work habits through enterprises that produce quality products and services for our customers while achieving our revenue, profit and inmate work increase objectives.


  • P - Professionalism: Modeling the idea
  • R - Responsibility: Owning your actions
  • I - Integrity: Doing the right thing
  • C - Courage: Taking action despite fear
  • E - Efficiency: Making every action count

PRICE: Reflects values that are of worth and significance to our agency and the state of Arizona