Arizona Aryan Brotherhood


  • Membership - Approximately 386 members

  • Common Tattoos - "Aryan Brotherhood", "AB"

  • Racial make up - Caucasian

  • Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, Homicides and Gambling.

STG Specific Tattoo/Symbolism

Will usually be the words "Aryan Brotherhood" or the letters "AB"


Recruitment of the most influential Skinheads. Eradicating their ranks of sex offenders & members who have not B.I. Increase recruitment to load up our lock-up facilities. Talk of infiltrating defectors & PS housing to assault inmates. Challenge the validation process in court. Terrorist type retaliation against ADC staff

Aryan Brotherhood Art & Tattoos 

AB By Laws


I swear my loyalty exclusively to * * * . To protect the family and promote it's goals with the resources available to me at all times. I will honor the family laws, bringing respect to all kindred through my actions. My life is this and this is for life, my oath being given it shall not be broken.


  1. There will be a council consisting of (3) kindred. This council will reside where the largest concentration of family exists.

  2. The council will establish and maintain the direction of the family by receiving input from kindred and enforcing the will of the majority . All major issues will be determined by majority vote conducted by council, no minority may control the direction of the whole.

  3. The council will address all issues brought before it, including but not limited to, finances, grievances and disciplinary issues and resolve them in the light best suited to promote the goals of the family as a whole.

  4. The council will control and determine how family funds are to be utilized.

  5. Sub-councils may be established in other areas as needed for organizational purposes but must respect the direction established by the council.

  6. Any councilman may be impeached by vote.


  1. All kindred must swear their loyalty exclusively to the family, placing no thing before it in his priorities. No one shall be acknowledged as kindred until such time as he has read these laws and sworn his oath.

  2. These laws are to be known to kindred only.

  3. All kindred must conduct themselves by example at all times exemplifying the best qualities our folk have to offer; intelligence, loyalty, pride, righteousness and strength.

  4. Kindred must continually strive to promote the goals of the family no matter where they are, inactivity will not be tolerated on any level.

  5. Kindred shall assist each other in any way possible but no kindred shall exploit this generosity in any way.

  6. No kindred may act in any manner to bring shame, disgrace or contempt to himself or family.

  7. No kindred may act to diminish any other kindred in his person or possession except as a lawful sanction.

  8. Kindred shall never disrespect or criticize each other in public.

  9. Kindred shall not disagree in public unless absolutely unavoidable.

  10. Kindred have a responsibility to communicate with each other in order to stay appraised of current goals and issues.

  11. No kindred shall give information/disinformation to any outsider which can be harmful to family in any way, if situation is not definite, no information shall be given at all.


  1. Baptism is the priority goal for all kinfolk. They must seek baptism at earliest opportunity, failure will result in major sanction.

  2. Until such time kinfolk are baptized they shall not be permitted to initiate progeny, hold any position of authority or vote on any matter involving major sanctions.


  1. All projects/business will be conducted on a need to know basis.

  2. No pacts or business shall be honored within the family or with outsiders unless the terms are compatible with our law.

  3. No business shall be conducted by any folk, including kindred, without contributing to the family. This contribution shall be the maximum allowable percentage of the interest, without causing bankruptcy, up to 25%.

  4. Any business financed by family funds retains 75% of the interest in that business and may pay individual(s) 25% interest to maintain that business.


  1. Kindred shall only initiate progeny to promote the goals of the family.

  2. Kindred shall initiate only (1) progeny at a time but may adopt another kindred's progeny based on location convenience.

  3. Kindred are responsible for the actions of their progeny.

  4. Abuses of this privilege will result in sanctions.

  5. Kindred must make his progeny aware of his responsibilities immediately upon birth, the progeny must commit to these responsibilities.

  6. Progeny must, whenever opportunity presents itself:

    1. Check out, orientate and evaluate the potential of all folk in his area.

    2. Cache toys for immediate availability to kindred.

    3. Initiate businesses or projects to stimulate capital for family.

    4. Send $25 a month to lockdown.

    5. Support kindred under any circumstance.

    6. Follow any order by any kindred.

    7. Be prepared for baptism.

  7. Progeny life is a minimum of (2) years.

  8. There may be a baptism prior to completion of progeny term to be applied upon successful completion of term.

  9. Upon completion of successful baptism which is directly related to family interest with sufficient immersion, consideration for progeny as kindred will be based on a demonstration of ones ability to promote the goals of the family.

  10. No kindred will be recognized except by completion of responsibilities and majority vote.


  1. Sanctions will be imposed on any kindred who fails to uphold their responsibilities. Appropriate sanctions will be determined on a case by case basis and will be applied as consistent as possible.

  2. Major sanctions will be imposed for the following: a) Treason or betrayal. b) Any act committed where a reasonable person should have known would cause substantial harm to the family. c) Kindred who use the family to promote personal agendas. d) Kindred who participate in homosexual acts. e) Kindred who suspend a baptism based on financial, personal or lockdown considerations.

  3. Minor sanctions shall be imposed for violation(s) of law which may include but are not limited to: fines, restitution, loss of privileges, skin ups or other appropriate actions, to be determined by majority and enforced by the council.

  4. A person is no longer recognized as kindred immediately upon finding of guilt of major sanction charge.


  1. Amendments to these laws may be adopted by the council as needed to promote the changing goals of the family.