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Prisoners meet with Director Charles Ryan and Arizona Town Hall
September 21, 2018

Arizona Town Hall President Tara Jackson has organized community discussions all over the state. But Thursday was different. “We’ve never done anything like this," Jackson said. "The Department of Corrections has never done anything like this.” Participants gathered at the Eagle Point Second Chance Center, a lower security facility at the Arizona State Prison Complex – Lewis in Buckeye.

Prisoner meet with Director Charles Ryan
September 18, 2018

In a visitation room decorated with murals depicting the history of flight, space exploration, Frida Kahlo, American industrialism and the military, groups of people sat on plastic chairs around plastic tables, and talked. It was a community meeting held by Arizona Town Hall, an organization that focuses on one significant issue each year and brings together experts, policy makers and residents. Their 2018 topic is Criminal Justice in Arizona. They’re holding gatherings around the state.

Inmates training horses in Florence
September 18, 2018

There’s an unlikely group of men in Arizona helping to rehabilitate and train wild horses and burros captured by the Bureau of Land Management. The trainers aren't your typical cowboys wearing cowboy boots and hats. Instead, they’re dressed in orange and make no more than 80 cents an hour. With giant fences and guard towers, you’ll find these trainers hard at work about 65 miles away from Downtown Phoenix at the State Prison in Florence.

Inmate worker saves life at Hayden Senior Center
August 22, 2018

It started out as just another day at work for Gloria Waddell in the kitchen at the Hayden Senior Center. While eating something, a piece of food became lodged in her throat. She found herself unable to breathe or communicate with her fellow workers. The other people working in the kitchen saw what was happening but panicked and did not know what to do. Gloria was turning blue and felt herself, going limp and about to blackout. “I thought, this is it. I’m going to die,” Gloria said. At that time a prison inmate worker, Louie Ojeda, who was working in the back of the kitchen, came to her rescue. Louie is a prison inmate from Arizona State Prison in Globe.

ADC Press Releases

September 27, 2018

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) is pleased to announce that fugitive inmate Naomis A. Winfrey, 45, ADC #099755, was successfully apprehended without incident and returned to state custody. “ADC is grateful for the incredible partnership and effort by members of our Fugitive Apprehension Unit and the U.S. Marshals Service Task Force to quickly track down and apprehend inmate Winfrey and safely return him to state custody,” said ADC Director Charles L. Ryan. Task Force members, tracking Winfrey in a vehicle, conducted a traffic stop Wednesday evening shortly before 7:00 p.m. at the northbound Black Canyon Freeway access road and Highland Avenue in Phoenix. Task Force members converged on the vehicle and secured Winfrey. Winfrey is now in custody at ASPC-Phoenix and will likely face new criminal charges and additional time as a result of his actions.

September 25, 2018

Inmate Naomis A. Winfrey, ADC #099755, is at large and sought by authorities after he fled his Mesa home and cut off his electronic GPS monitoring device on Monday. His last known location was in the area of Price Road and Broadway in Tempe. Winfrey was paroled by the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency to home arrest, which began July 30. He was convicted in 1993 out of Pima County to 25 years to life for murder 1st degree, burglary 2nd degree and theft. He was admitted to ADC on August 16, 1993. ADC’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit, in coordination with the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, is actively working to find Winfrey.

August 21, 2018

Inmate Cody R. Williams, 41, ADC #116387, died on August 20 from an apparent act of self-harm. ADC security personnel observed him alone and unresponsive in his cell. Responding staff immediately initiated first aid and took Williams to the medical facility, where he was pronounced deceased by Florence Fire in consultation with doctors.