ADC In The News

Behind Bars and Battling Addiction
June 9, 2017

"Probably the majority of our inmates that are in prison? It has something to do with drugs," Deputy Warden Roxanne Hill said. "They may not have gotten caught with drugs, but, stealing something to buy drugs. I think it has something to do with drugs." Hill explained she thinks programs like these will help ease the transition back into the real world, making it less likely for former prisoners to relapse and use drugs again, leading to them re-offending. "The reentry centers give a little bit more freedom, but not so much freedom like when you're out and free and there's no sort of supervision," she said. "It lets them get their feet back into society, a little bit at a time." Barnes made it through 75 days of the program when he relapsed and used meth again.

ADC Working with ICE to Transfer Undocumented Prisoners
May 12, 2017

Making sure criminal immigrants are not released back to the community has been a top priority for President Donald Trump, and in Arizona, the Department of Corrections takes part in a program that transfers undocumented prisoners who have served their time, directly into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). "We've been working with ICE since 1985, and what we're trying to do is make sure the process is very efficient," said Ruben Montano with the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Fort Grant Wildland Fire Crew
April 20, 2017

Inmate crews busy fighting fires in southern Arizona, with the Fort Grant Wildland Fire Crew having responded to a dozen brush fires in southern Arizona since March 1. Supervisors lead the team of 18 inmates who are qualified in fighting fires and fire prevention.

ABC 15 Reports on Ex-Felon Firefighter
March 16, 2017

ABC15 Arizona reports on a former felon with Arizona Department of Corrections who is parlaying job training while imprisoned into a firefighting opportunity on the outside. ... These inmate fire crews are a shining example of how to rehabilitate prisoners and prevent recidivism, according to the governor’s office. The governor’s budget proposal this year calls for millions of dollars in new spending to reduce prion recidivism, including a post-release fire crew.

Wildland Fire Crew Group Photo
March 6, 2017

Six years after the Monument Fire and four years after residents of Ramsey Canyon started working together to increase wildfire mitigation efforts in their community, combined efforts of the public, fire officials and private business show improvement. The Arizona Forestry Division-Wildland Fire Hazardous Fuels reduction program in Ramsey Canyon, is a collaboration between the Fry Fire District, Arizona State Forestry, the Nature Conservancy, the Ramsey Canyon Firewise Community and the University of Arizona South.

Regaining Honor Program Discussed on NBC Nightly News
February 27, 2017

The Arizona Corrections Department established a work program at a local veterans cemetery and prepares special meals for Veterans Day and Memorial Day. It also opened a veterans' garden where inmates are working to create a certified way-station for migrating monarch butterflies. Deputy Warden Dionne Martinez said that 50 inmates have been released since their pod opened a year and a half ago; officials know of only one who has ended up back in custody. Now they are trying to start a program for women.